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8 Reasons to Switch to a Keto Dog Food


Choosing a dog food can be an overwhelming experience. Pet store employees, veterinarians, and internet strangers often have passionate — and contradictory — advice about pet food. These discussions often overlook low-carb dog food, but this diet is one of the best choices you can make for your dog's health. 

Here are eight reasons to make the switch to keto dog food. 

1. Optimize Canine Blood Sugar

Traditional kibble is packed with starchy carbohydrates that the body processes into glucose. High-carb kibble causes blood sugar to spike as excessive amounts of glucose enter the bloodstream. Over time, a carb-heavy diet can cause dogs to become insulin-resistant and develop diabetes

A low-carb kibble minimizes glucose spikes, so your dog’s blood sugar consistently stays at an optimal level. 

2. Burn Fat More Effectively 

Carb-heavy kibble is fueling a silent canine obesity epidemic. A staggering 30% of American dogs are obese, and an additional 20% are overweight. Excess weight can shorten your dog’s lifespan and lead to chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes. 

A low-carb diet like KetoNatural Pet Foods Ketona enhances canine weight loss by altering metabolic processes. When your dog eats minimal carbs, they enter ketosis. In this state, the body shifts from using glucose for energy to burning fat, so extra pounds melt away. 

3. Build Strong, Lean Muscles

You may not view your bulldog or pug as an athlete, but all dogs benefit from strength training. Strong muscles can extend your dog’s lifespan and reduce the risk of painful joint injuries.

Resistance training activities like pushing a herding ball and running up hills keep your dog fit. Supplement this exercise with a high-protein keto diet to support the growth of lean muscles.

4. Reduce Inflammation

Fat cells actively release harmful hormones called adipokines that can wreak havoc on bodily functions. The body becomes chronically inflamed in response to this invasion and is less capable of healing from acute illnesses and injuries. 

A ketogenic diet shrinks fat cells and decreases adipokine production. This change ensures your dog’s immune system functions properly. 

5. Improved Stool Quality

Dogs eating high-carb diets with fillers often have large, soft stools. This poop can be a messy and smelly inconvenience, especially on long walks.

You can improve your dog’s stool quality and protect your lawn by feeding a low-carb kibble. Dogs on this diet typically produce firmer, smaller stools that rapidly disintegrate, just like a wild carnivore’s poop.

6. Make Your Dog’s Coat Shine

Dogs in optimal health typically have a shiny, sleek coat free of skin disorders. Ketona dog food reduces inflammation and itching, improving the appearance and health of your dog’s fur.

7. Increased Thirst

Water is an essential nutrient that aids metabolic processes and helps your dog stay cool in warm temperatures. Chronic dehydration can cause kidney dysfunction and other health conditions. 

The high protein content in Ketona dog food increases thirst, encouraging your dog to stay hydrated and healthy.

8. Boost Energy 

Many pet food manufacturers promote the myth that carbohydrates give dogs energy, but canines like dogs and wolves don’t require these nutrients. Instead, a high-protein, low-carb diet allows your dog to get energy from their preferred fuel source: fat. 


This list only scratches the surface of the benefits of a keto diet for dogs. Check out KetoNatural Pet Foods’ low-carb products today to see the difference yourself. 

Want to learn even more about the benefits of a low-carb diet for your dog? Check out KetoNatural Pet Foods “Why Ketona” section, to see for yourself the difference that low-carb can do for your dog.