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Learn about the silent epidemic killing America's dogs

Dogs, Dog Food, and Dogma is based on four years of research, 100 interviews, and more than 400 scientific studies.

↠ Includes simple, step-by-step guide to making evidence-based diet and lifestyle decisions for your dog.

↠ Learn the "dirty tricks" of the pet food industry ... and how to avoid them.

↠ How to extend your dog's lifespan in just 15 minutes a day.


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for you (and your dog)

Learn about the silent epidemic killing America's dogs

↠ More than 100 interviews and 400 scientific references.

↠ How to avoid the top 10 "dirty tricks" of the pet food industry.

↠ Extend your dog's lifespan in just 15 minutes a day.

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"The Most Rigorous and Probing Canine Health and Nutrition Book Ever Written."

-- Kyra Sundance, International Best-Selling Author, 101 Dog Tricks

Praise for Dogs, Dog Food, and Dogma 

by KetoNatural Pet Foods founder and CEO Daniel Schulof

“In veterinary school, nutrition was just a small part of our training. Thank you for bringing attention to the dog food industry through your unbiased research and concern for our pet family members.” 

- Dr. Heather Weidner, DVM

“Remarkable … eye-popping … scandalous … impressive. Diligently researched and relevant to canine owners and animal scientists alike; a serious addition to dog health literature.” 

- Kirkus Reviews

“I am 100 percent on-board with you about this issue and am so pleased that you are writing about it and also doing something to push back against the bad science … you are spot on.”  

- Linda Case, MS (Canine/Feline Nutritional Science), Author of Canine and Feline Nutrition: A Resource for Companion Animal Professionals

“This important and enjoyable book is long overdue. You’ll never look at a bowl of kibble the same way again.”

- Dr. Melissa Tucker, DVM, MS, DACVIM

Passion for Change

"I believe that all pet owners want to make good, 

healthy decisions for their companions." 


Founder and CEO, KetoNatural Pet Foods

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