About KetoNatural Pet Foods: An Ally & Advocate for Pet Owners

About Us:
We're an Ally & Advocate for Pet Owners

We're honest, substantive, and progressive.

Why Do We Do It?

Why Do We Do It?

We believe that the pet care industry has been taking advantage of its customers for decades. From deceptive regulations and bad science to unhealthy products and emotional manipulation.  Legacy pet care companies have worked hard to ensure that pet owners don’t have the tools or knowledge they need to keep their pets healthy and happy.

At KetoNatural, we're different.  We believe that the best way to make pets healthier and happier is by educating and empowering their owners. That's why we aspire to be the most honest, substantive, and progressive company in the history of the pet care industry.

A Message From Our Founder

How it all began...


We Wrote The Book on Carbs.

Our founder, Daniel Schulof, began writing his groundbreaking book Dogs, Dog Food, and Dogma in the fall of 2012. He spent four years of his life researching and writing it, highlighting the evidence linking carbohydrate consumption with the most common chronic diseases facing modern day pets.  It was hailed by academics and veterinary clinicians alike and called "the most rigorous and probing canine nutrition book ever written."


We Took Up The Challenge.

As of 2016, carb-conscious pet owners had no good options. Leading "super-premium" kibble products contained (and still do) upwards of 40% carbohydrate, while raw and fresh diets were inconvenient and staggeringly expensive. But a pet food featuring the best of both worlds -- the convenience of a kibble and the carbs of a raw diet -- had long been considered impossible. We refused to accept that.


A True Pet Food Revolution.

Our founding team, working alongside a veterinary nutritionist, two animal nutrition PhDs, and some of the world's best food scientists, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of our own money developing the world's first truly low-carb dry dog food. By the summer of 2017, we had squared the circle -- a kibble product with less carbohydrate and more animal protein per serving than most raw diets. We began feeding our own dogs Ketona that fall. Immediate improvements to their leanness, muscularity, digestion, and vitality were undeniable.


It begins.

We launched KetoNatural in early 2018. The response from pet owners exceeded even our most optimistic expectations. (We sold out of inventory four separate times in our first year of business!) But a revolutionary product alone wouldn't change the shocking state of pet health in the United States. That's why we launched a commitment to be the most honest, substantive, and progressive pet food company in the history of the industry. A true ally and advocate for pet owners.


Fighting For Pet Owners Every Day.

We're still a small company, but we've already come a long way. In just three years, we've sold more than two million meals of Ketona. We have tens of thousands of happy customers across the country. We've worked hard to advance pet owner interests. We've created hundreds of free articles, videos, and other informational resources designed to educate pet owners about nutritional science and the pet food industry. We offer our book, Dogs, Dog Food and Dogma for FREE. We've fought a lawsuit against the FDA's Center For Veterinary Medicine demanding disclosure of secret emails between Big Kibble and its government regulators. We led the effort to expose the fraud behind the bogus controversy surrounding "grain-free" pet foods and the canine heart disease dilated cardiomyopathy. And we're just getting started!

We did the unthinkable.
The carbs of a raw diet. The convenience of kibble. 

<5% Digestible Carbohydrate.

That's 90% less than other "super-premium" brands.

Twice as Much Animal-Based Protein.

Complete amino acid profiles and twice the protein content of our competitors.

Better Nutrition Than Raw/Fresh.

Yes really. When it comes to nutrition, numbers don't lie. Use our comparison tool to see.

It's Simple. Carbs Are Bad For Dogs.
Feed Them Something Better.