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Why Ketona?

Because it's TRULY DIFFERENT and TRULY BETTER than every other dry pet food on the market today.

And because we're so confident it will make your dog as healthy as she's ever been, we'll refund your purchase price if you don't see visible results in just one month.

Less Than 5% Carbohydrate

Other "premium" dry pet foods contain 30%, 50%, or even 70% carbohydrate. Why? Because they're cheap, abundant sources of calories and because their use in pet food products is remarkably easy for savvy pet food executives to hide under the existing regulatory framework.

But unlike fats and proteins, carbohydrates aren't considered essential nutrients for dogs. In fact, your dog's ancestors avoided carbs completely for more than 99.9% of their genetic evolution. 

Moreover, while shockingly few veterinarians are willing to talk about it, there's also a sizable body of evidence suggesting that carbohydrate consumption isn't just unnatural for dogs -- it's unhealthy too.

There's still a lot that the scientific community doesn't fully understand about the matter, but studies have already been published linking carbohydrate consumption to all manner of health problems in dogs, humans, mice, and other species. These include inflammation, obesity, diabetes, elevated insulin and blood sugar levels, cancers, and even overall mortality.

Skeptical? Good, you ought to be! After all, your dog probably isn't going to do any of this important critical thinking on her own.

Fortunately, you can evaluate the evidence for yourself. Just visit the KetoNatural Library, our free online library of evidence-based informational resources. It's designed to make you the smartest pet food consumer you can possibly be. There you'll find more than a dozen evidence review papers authored by our scientific advisory committee (along with dozens of other evidence-based resources). They summarize exactly what the published literature does and doesn't show when it comes to the healthfulness of dietary carbohydrates.

If you don't feel like the evidence warrants limiting your dog's carbohydrate intake, then Ketona probably isn't right for you. But if it's enough to make you question the healthfulness of a carbohydrate-rich diet, then we humbly suggest that you might want to give us a shot.

The Carbohydrate Content of a Raw Diet, the Cost and Convenience of a Kibble 

The average carbohydrate content of the twelve best-selling "grain-free" dry dog foods on the market today is more than 33%.

These products -- including brands such as Orijen, Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, and Natural Balance* -- give the impression that they're low in total carbohydrate content, but in reality they're anything but.

What this means is that switching your dog from a leading "grain-free" kibble to Ketona is likely to remove about 75% of the carbohydrates from her diet.

In fact, about the only other way to make such a profound nutritional change is to switch your dog to a raw-ingredient diet. Many of these products feature relatively little carbohydrate. Unfortunately, they're phenomenally expensive and typically require all sorts of preparatory work too.

Ketona represents the best of both worlds. The carbohydrate content of a raw diet, with the cost and convenience of a kibble.

A Company You Can Trust

KetoNatural Pet Foods was founded by Daniel Schulof, author of Dogs, Dog Food, and Dogma, a four-year research project that became a groundbreaking book about the scientific links between pet nutrition and chronic disease. It's been called the "most rigorous and probing canine health and nutrition book ever written."

Dogs, Dog Food, and Dogma

We're not like every other firm in the pet food industry. We like to say that we're TRULY DIFFERENT and TRULY BETTER. Here's what we mean:

(1) We believe in science. The modern pet food industry is teeming with emotional ads, hollow marketing claims, and feel-good stories celebrating the bonds between pets and their owners. But it's woefully short on substantive facts. We think pet owners deserve a smarter choice. That's why it's our mission to be the most substantive pet food company in the world.

(2) We believe in people. We think that pet owners will always make good decisions for their animals, so long as they are given sound, reliable information. Unfortunately, the modern pet food industry relies extensively on misinformation, sleight-of-hand, and obfuscation in order to sell its products. We think pet owners deserve a more honest choice. That's why it's our mission to be the most forthcoming and transparent pet food company in the world.

(3) We believe in pets. Pet owners have never in history been more emotionally and financially invested in their animals. But with epidemics of obesity, cancer, osteoarthritis, diabetes, and other chronic diseases running rampant in pet populations, their animals have literally never been less healthy. Something about pet ownership in the western world has gone very, very wrong. We think we can help to improve the situation. That's why it's our mission to be the most progressive and altruistic pet food company in the world.

Want to Learn More?

For more detailed information about our products and processes, please visit our FAQ page.

For more insight into who we are and why we do what we do, please visit our About Us page.

To access the most comprehensive library of evidence-based health and nutrition information ever assembled by a pet food company, please visit the KetoNatural Library. It's totally free. 

* Analysis based on twelve most popular "grain-free" dry dog foods on as of August 2017. Orijen is a registered trademark of Champion Pet Foods, LP; Natural Balance is a registered trademark of Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc.; Blue Buffalo is a registered trademark of the Blue Buffalo Company, Ltd.; Taste of the Wild is a registered trademark of Schnell & Kampeter, Inc.

** We are not claiming that our products will cure or prevent any specific diseases. Speak with a veterinarian (show them our website and talk it over with them!) before you make any changes to your dog's diet.