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5 Reasons To Give Your Dog CBD


The world can be a frightening and stressful place for our canine companions. A visit to a busy vet clinic or fireworks can turn even the mellowest dog into an anxious, trembling mess. Fortunately, you can use many strategies to help your dog cope with unpleasant experiences. Giving your dog a cannabidiol (CBD) or hemp-derived product is one particularly effective method. 

Many pet retailers offer canine calming chews and oils with CBD and hemp. Here are the top five reasons to consider using CBD or hemp for dogs. 

1. Alleviate Separation Anxiety

A few minutes of alone time can trigger extreme distress in dogs with separation anxiety. An estimated 20% of dogs have separation-induced behavior issues. If your dog has this condition, they may bark incessantly, destroy furniture, and even injure themselves when you leave them. 

Most people can’t stay home with their dogs 24/7, so it’s essential to take steps to address separation anxiety. You can give your dog a CBD or hemp product like Ketona Daily Calming Chews with Hemp to help them feel calmer when you leave. 

2. Calm Your Dog During Road Trips 

Some dogs spend road trips happily gazing out the car window or snoozing quietly. In many cases, though, traveling with your dog can be a stressful experience. Your dog may experience an elevated heart rate, increased cortisol levels, motion sickness, and other stress responses during car rides

CBD and hemp can reduce feelings of anxiety and fear during dog travel. One owner survey found that dogs who received CBD chews twice daily for two weeks were less likely to panic during car rides.  

3. Keep Your Dog Relaxed During Fireworks 

The Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve can be some of the most stressful days of the year for anxious dogs. An estimated 26% of dogs have a fear of fireworks

Fortunately, CBD for dogs can help pets with firework and/or noise phobias feel more confident during these events. In one study, over 75% of participants reported that CBD decreased canine anxiety

4. Relieve Joint Pain 

As your dog ages, they may experience chronic pain caused by osteoarthritis and other joint issues. Research shows that CBD oil can significantly reduce arthritis pain in dogs and improve mobility. Your veterinarian may also recommend prescription medication or other treatments. 

5. Take the Stress out of Grooming and Veterinary Appointments

Trips to the vet or groomer can be a massive source of dog anxiety. Many pets become fearful or even aggressive when a pet professional administers vaccines, trims their nails, and performs other routine procedures.

CBD or hemp can make grooming and vet appointments safer and less stressful for everyone. The active ingredients in calming chews can take effect within an hour, so you can conveniently administer this supplement before visits. 

Help Your Dog Thrive With CBD

If your dog suffers from anxiety or arthritis, CBD and hemp can significantly increase their quality of life. Products like Ketona Calming Chews have no adverse effects and contain minimal calories. Give CBD for dogs a try and see the difference for yourself.