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World's Healthiest Dog Treat. Period.

Your Dog Wasn't Built to Eat Carbs. Feed Her As Nature Intended, With Ketona Single-Ingredient Chicken Liver Dog Treats.

  • 100% freeze-dried chicken liver

  • Quality sourced with at least 52% protein

  • A healthy dog treat from the makers of Ketona dog food

Single Ingredient. Zero Carbs.

Our Ketona dog treats are crafted with one single ingredient, freeze-dried chicken liver. 

There's no denying the unparalleled nutrition content of Ketona Zero Carbohydrate Chicken Liver Dog Treats.  Keto is a dog’s natural diet. Fat and protein are essential. Carbs aren’t. Your dog’s ancestors ate meat, fat, and nothing else for 99.9% of their evolution. Mother nature knows best.

  • No fillers - only 100% raw chicken liver!

  • Zero carbohydrate. Zilch. Nada. 

  • No preservatives, dyes, or artificial flavors.

  • Made in the USA from chickens raised by local farmers.

  • Enticing food topper for even the pickiest of eaters.

Dogs trust humans. Humans trust Ketona.

"We found out Kato was diabetic and he had to go on insulin twice a day so we changed... to Ketona treats. He has regulated and even lost a little of his excess weight and back to normal!"

Zakary J.

TrustSpot June 2022

“I liked everything about this treat. My dog is diabetic so finding treats with very few carbohydrates are the only things I purchase!"

C.J. Scharf

Amazon April 2022

"Ketona improved my dog's health due to his diabetic and totally blind. My pet name is Harley, a yorkie poodle and will be 12 years old next month. Harley likes to eat chicken liver as one of his favorite snack!"

Apolo J.

TrustSpot Dec 2021

Other Dog Treats are Canine Junk Food. Not Ours.

We Do Dog Food Differently

At Ketonatural, we believe that the best way to make pets healthier and happier is by educating and empowering their owners. That's why we aspire to be the most honest, substantive, and progressive company in the history of the pet care industry.

Your questions Answered

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Are your dog treats suitable for diabetic dogs?

Yes, our Ketona Chicken Liver dog treats are fitting for diabetic dogs due to it containing zero carbs. Check out our Science page for more information on how carbs affect blood sugar. 

How many chicken liver treats do I give my dog?

Liver treats are very rich, so we recommend giving 1 to 2 per day for a small dog, 3 to 4 for a medium dog and 5 to 6 for a large dog. 

How do I use Ketona Chicken Liver treats as a food topper?

Our customers are raving about our treats on top of their dog's daily meals! We recommend crumbling up 1-2 pieces and sprinkling on top of your dog's regular food. Our dog treats are a perfect pairing to Ketona kibble!Learn more. 

Do your treats contain any grains? 

Nope! We only use one ingredient to make our Ketona dog treats... raw chicken liver! That is why we can stand by the nutritional information of zero carbohydrate and using our treats as a healthy and delicious snack or training reward. 

How do I best use Ketona Chicken Liver treats? 

Our dog treats are a great daily reward for your dog! We also have customers use them as successful training rewards and with enrichment activities. They are small and versatile for plenty of uses with your pack!