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Keto Paws 

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Giving Back and Paws for Cause. 
  • Free Signup for 501c3 Organizations

  • Exclusive, Trackable Coupon Code

  • No Total Donation Limits
About the Keto Paws Partner Program
KetoNatural Pet Foods is making a difference one non-profit at a time. This program is a long-term partnership with KetoNatural Pet Foods where we make a monthly donation to your rescue as a thank you for helping us spread our mission. Signing up is free, and the potential return for your rescue is limitless. 
Submit Your Info
Simply fill out our contact form below to get started. Our team will reach out to confirm qualification and will work with you on the next steps.
Customers Shop for a Cause
You'll then receive a unique coupon code to share! Any time the code is used at checkout, your organization receives a percentage of that purchase as a donation, sent cumulatively each month. 

Receiving Ongoing Donations
You are then eligible to be selected for our Quarterly Rescue Organization Spotlight for an increased donation of $25 per purchase utilizing your coupon code, all month long. Sign up today!
Become a Keto Paws Partner!
Please submit your contact information for your 501c3 organization for KetoNatural to review.


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A Little Bit About Us
We've worked hard to advance pet owner interests. We've created hundreds of free articles, videos, and other informational resources designed to educate pet owners about nutritional science and the pet food industry. As our company grew, we knew that supporting non-profits was the next level of support we could offer. 
How We Support Your Cause
Our efforts go beyond a simple coupon code for your staff, volunteers, and customers to use!
  • Marketing Collateral
    We want the launch of your fundraiser to be super successful! Our team will send images for social media, flyers, inserts or whatever you may need for online and offline promotions.
  • Quarterly Spotlight
    KNPF will select one Keto Paws Partner to spotlight each quarter. During that month, that non-profit will receive $25 back to your organization for each order in place of the 10% of each sale. 
  • Social Support All The Way
    KNPF will repost and re-share relevant social media posts that tag @ketonaturalpetfoods throughout the length of our partnership to help spread the word!

Dan Schulof, Founder and CEO of KetoNatural Pet Foods

Frequently Asked Questions
Not finding your answer to a question below? Please email us at
How long do you partner with non-profits?
The Keto Paws Partner Program was created to serve as a long-term partnership opportunity for non-profits to easily raise funds for their organization. Once qualified, a KetoNatural crew member will reach out to you for next steps. We also select one non-profit every quarter to spotlight for a special promotion. 
What type of organizations do you work with?
In general, KetoNatural Pet Foods is open to working with non-profits across varying industries but we do try and implement partnerships with organizations focused on animal rescue. This includes animal shelters and dog rescues. We previously have partnered with local shelters as well as the Beagle Freedom Project. 
What are the benefits of Keto Paws?
There are many different opportunities to raise funds for your organization and initiatives for your non-profit, but Keto Paws is a unique way to connect premium dog food, supplements, and treat options for dogs for those customers looking to check out for a cause.