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Carbs cause obesity in dogs. 

Carbs cause obesity in dogs. 

Take control of your dog's weight with Ketona, the world's first low carb dog food. 

Feed your dog a low carb diet

How do you know if your dog is overweight?

Sometimes its easy to loose sight of your dogs weight. It could be one of the worst acts of negligence as a pet parent. 

Even a slight deviation from ideal weight could not only cause your dog a lot of unnecessary pain, but also cost you a lot of money. 

It has been proven without a doubt that the carb content in even the most premium of dog foods leads to obesity. 

Switch to a Low Carb Dog Food

Obesity can lead to several problems

Ketona helps you take control of your dog's metabolism.

<5% Digestible Carbohydrate.

That's 90% less than other "super-premium" brands.

Twice as Much Animal-Based Protein.

Complete amino acid profiles and twice the protein content of our competitors.

Better Nutrition Than Raw/Fresh.

Yes really. When it comes to nutrition, numbers don't lie. Compare and see.

Try Ketona For Your Dog

The carbs of a raw diet. The convenience of kibble. 

How It Works

Try Ketona risk-free

Feed your pup for 30 days, and if you're not happy with the switch, get 100% of your money back. No return shipping. No risk. All we ask is that you donate it to a worthy cause.

We deliver to your doorstep.

Forget hauling bag after bag home from the pet store. We do all of the heavy lifting, and for a better price than you'll find at retail or Amazon.

More arrives before you run out.

We design a feeding plan based on your unique dog and time our shipments so you never run out. Cancel your subscription at any time, if your dog will let you!

Loved by Dogs. Backed by Science.

Big kibble companies don't want you to know it, but studies clearly show that canines are healthiest when they avoid carbohydrate as much as possible.


Optimizes blood sugar levels

Burns fat instead of storing it

Builds strong, lean muscles

Improves Activity Levels

"The evidence has reached a tipping point -- it's simply undeniable that dogs shouldn't eat carbs. It's no longer debatable. And it's just a matter of time before all pet owners understand that reality."

Daniel Schulof, Author of Dogs, Dog Food, and Dogma and KetoNatural Pet Foods Co-Founder.

Unparalleled Nutritional Content.

More than 46% protein and less than 5% carbohydrate. Complete nutrition facts and ingredient lists are available here.

Better nutrition than other weight control dog foods, including raw & fresh.

Yes, really. Ketona contains more protein and less carbohydrate per serving than most dog foods, including Royal Canin, Hill's and Dr. Harvey's. Compare for yourself.

No bad stuff.

No byproduct meals or artificial flavors. No corn, no rice, no wheat. No potatoes, no barley, no sweet potatoes. No cereal grains or tubers of any kind.

All good stuff.

At least 90% of our protein comes from meat or fish. That's more than Orijen, Blue Buffalo or any other “ultra-premium” kibble.


Why Aren't All Dog Foods Low Carb?

Pet food brands aren't legally required to reveal the carbohydrate content of their products, so most don't. Instead they just slap a few buzzwords on the packaging and use a misleading product name to hide the truth. Ketona is different.

Ketona is in a Class of it's Own.

Other  dog food brands dont even come close.

See how your dog food compares*:

Don't Just Take Our Word For It. 

Elizabeth F

My dog Thor is overweight and it has been a struggle to keep him regulated, until we found KetoNatural. His body levels have been so much better and he is active and happy again. Thank you for giving my old man a little bounce in his step.


We had been searching for a food that would work for a 14 yr old blind/diabetic, an overweight 1 yr old chihuahua mix, and a 10 month healthy weight chihuahua mix. After researching online I discovered the solution -- Ketonatural. All three loved it and experienced no problems at all transitioning from their former foods to this. Happy dogs = happy mom!


My dog was definitely obese and lethargic. After shifting to Ketona, my dog visibly lost weight, became more energetic, and now seems like he is a puppy again!


I get to see Rambo play around the year again and I never thought he would get back to that stage. He really likes the salmon flavor of Ketona and I can visibly see the difference in his activity levels. He has lost atleast 5 pounds in the last 6 months. 

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It's Simple. Carbs Are Bad For Dogs.
Feed Them Something Better.