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About Us

We founded KetoNatural because we believe that the modern pet food industry is rotten. Pets and their owners deserve much, much better than they are currently getting. And it's our mission to give it to them. 

We aspire to be the most substantive, honest, and progressive pet food company in the world.

Our founder, Daniel Schulof, is the author of Dogs, Dog Food, and Dogma, a groundbreaking investigative book that exposed the links between the most common and deadly pet-specific chronic diseases and the foods that pets are often forced to eat. It also revealed the dangerous ways that the pet food industry exerts influence over the veterinary nutrition community and highlighted the peer-reviewed scientific evidence that calls into doubt much of the conventional wisdom that's often used by pet food companies to justify how they claim our dogs ought to eat. We think it's a book that every pet owner should read.

Our mission has three specific elements, each of which says something a little different about how we're trying to change the pet food industry:

We Believe in Science

We love cute dog pics as much as anyone. But we don't think an adorable photo is a particularly good reason to feed your dog one food or another. Nor is a website plastered with comforting (but hollow) sales slogans. Nor is a slick corporate image created by a PR firm.

So what are some good reasons to decide what to feed your dog? Science. Rationality. Facts. Evidence. Data. Substance. That's why we aspire to be the most substantive pet food company in the world.

With their guileless love and devotion, dogs are true experts in matters of the heart. But matters of the brain are a different story. In dog-human partnerships, it's up to us to be the experts in thinking. That's why we're here to help you be the smartest pet owner you can be.

Here are just a few of the ways that we demonstrate that commitment:

  • The KetoNatural Library. To our knowledge, it's the most comprehensive free library of evidence-based pet health and nutrition information ever assembled. You should look it over. You should evaluate it. And you should share it with your friends and your veterinarian (which brings us to our next point...).
  • Openness to respectful debate and discussion. We honestly believe that some of the conventional wisdom about pet nutrition is both wrong and dangerous (particularly, the notion that dietary carbohydrates are "perfectly healthy" for dogs and cats). And we believe that some of the tactics used by other pet food companies are unfair and unhealthy too. But we're open to being convinced otherwise. So we encourage you to reach out to us and open up a discussion on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. As long as (1) you're kind, professional, and respectful and (2) you want to talk about evidence (or lack thereof), not conjecture, appeals to authority, or ad hominem attacks, we'll always be willing to engage with you, no matter who you are.
  • Our people. Our founder is the author of what's been called "the most rigorous and probing canine health and nutrition book ever written." A Scientific Advisory Board oversees our products and practices. Skeptically-minded veterinarians, nutrition scientists, dog trainers, and athletes are some of our best partners and biggest supporters. A commitment to substance is in our DNA.
  • Advocacy. We can help you stay up-to-date with the latest in veterinary nutritional science, public health, animal welfare, and the pet care industry. Just subscribe to our blog and follow our various social media accounts. We're deeply committed to creating content that's smart, honest, and truly valuable for pet owners.

We Believe in Pets

We think that our pets deserve much better than the hand they've been dealt.

The veterinary services industry employs more than 300,000 people. And pet owners spend more than $30 billion on medical services for their pets every year. 

So how come those pets are so staggeringly unhealthy?

  • Being just moderately overweight has been shown to be deadlier for a dog than a lifetime of smoking is for a human being. Still, the evidence suggests that more than half of the dogs in America today are overweight or obese (although only 10% of their owners will acknowledge it).
  • Approximately one-third of dogs will be die from cancer -- a rate that's at least four times as high as the cancer mortality rate experienced by wild canines raised in zoo settings.
  • Other chronic, noncommunicable diseases (such as osteoarthritis and diabetes) are rampant as well.

Something is very, very wrong with this picture.

At KetoNatural, we're committed to using our efforts and our resources to make a difference. Unlike other pet care companies, we don't believe that we're being successful unless we're helping to improve these absurd public health statistics. That's why we're committed to being the most progressive and altruistic pet food company in the world.

No matter how well we do financially, we're not winning unless life is getting better for modern-day pets.

We Believe in People

We know all about the emotional ties that bond people to their animals.

We know the stress-melting comfort of coming home to a wiggly, overjoyed dog. We know why it feels so good to share a too-small bed with a too-large dog. And we know all too well just how unfair it is that our amazing pets have to live such short lives.

We know how much you love your dogs, because we love our dogs just as much.

That's why we know you'll always make the right decisions for your pets, so long as you're given quality information. So, in addition to all the evidence-based nutritional information we've gathered at the KetoNatural Library, we're also committed to being the most transparent and forthcoming pet food company in the world when it comes to our own business.

Here's how we demonstrate that commitment:

  • A detailed run-down of our policies and practices (including information about ingredient countries-of-origin, manufacturing processes, and testing and other safety measures) can be found on our FAQ page.
  • Downloadable guides explaining the legal definitions of common pet food label claims and marketing messages are available through the KetoNatural Library.
  • Comprehensive information about our formulations and their nutritional contents can be found on specific product pages.
  • And if there's ever something else you want to know, just reach out and ask using the contact information found here.